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Hi beautiful souls!

If you're reading this, I'm sure you've noticed a rather sizable change to our website - we have a new name! I wanted to take a moment to update you all on everything that's going on so around here, and fill you in on why we decided to change our name.

I started Aum Shanti Malas back in 2014 with the intention of creating high quality, hand crafted, mala beads and bracelets. Making them vegan (meaning no animal products or bi-products used to make them.) was (and still is) important to me. Traditional malas are made with silk, and I wanted to create pieces that are animal friendly and also align with the yogic principle of doing no harm.

My focus was almost entirely on creating mala beads. They were such a powerful tool for me when I found them, and I wanted to share that gift with any and everyone.

As I've worked on my business over the last 4 years my goals and ambitions have evolved.

I want to create more of a community. I want to offer more than just a product. I want to provide more healing, tools, advice, and wisdom than just mala beads and bracelets can provide. I want to have a more "all encompassing" brand, if that makes sense.

With that in mind, I started brainstorming some options several months ago. In doing so I realized that "Aum Shanti Malas" does not convey the message I want to send with my business in what I want to offer for those who stumble upon it. But Aum Shanti Malas holds such a dear place in my heart. So I came up with a plan to expand my business and brand without letting go of my first love - and Soul and Spirit was created. I've been slowly building a presence with Soul and Spirit and planning a launch of a more expanded product lineup, with the intention of keeping Aum Shanti Malas as a more exclusive lineup.

This is where the changes come in. While Aum Shanti Malas is not being eliminated - but simply becoming a sub-brand of a larger umbrella that is Soul and Spirit - I'm learning it's rather difficult to maintain two separate social identities, when both of those identities share the same foundation and an almost identical message. As such, I'm hoping to shift gears with this page to allow me to share my entire message and passion in one place, but not confuse you in the process.

I haven't sorted out all of the details yet, but you will likely notice a name change in the coming weeks as I merge the two sites, so I wanted to let you all know what's been going through my little brain to alleviate some of the potential confusion. I'd also love to fill you in on some things you can expect to see on the site with the new direction I'm taking it.

Soul and Spirit will offer mala beads and bracelets, much like Aum Shanti Malas, but we will also offer cleansing tools, healing gemstone kits, tools to help balance the chakras, and more. I'm also in the process of building a blog where I will be sharing all kinds of stories and information to create a community centered around self love, realization, healing and purpose. My intention with Soul and Spirit is to "Nourish Your Soul and Free Your Spirit". It's about a wholesome journey to finding and being your most authentic self.

🙏🏻If you've made it this far; much gratitude! I need to extend a MASSIVE Thank You to all of you for following along and supporting me on my journey thus far. I sincerely hope you'll stick around to see where this new adventure will take us 💖

All the love, and light, and gratitude,

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