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Hi! I'm Courtney - the Owner and Creator of Aum Shanti Malas. I am a Momma of three fabulous little ladies. I feel most free playing barefoot outside or just being in the Mountains (there's something about that fresh mountain air - amiright?) Hot yoga is my jam, and red velvet cake (or really, any other food) is the way to my heart.

My first ever hot yoga class was a meditative flow, and from the moment we were instructed to feel our breath on the edge of our top lip, I was hooked. I left that class feeling like I could move mountains with a blink of my eyes, and desperate for more. This was the start of my meditation & yoga journey. 

I began by purchasing the book Meditation For Dummies (not a recommended read if you've never read anything else before. I've had it for 2 years now and still haven't finished - it's rather overwhelming, but I digress), wherein I learned of the many different ways in which one can include meditation in their daily life. I read about mala beads and was instantly intrigued. 

So began the hunt for a mala. I started my search online, but soon felt I needed to see and feel a set before I could purchase. Unfortunately, my small city had slim pickings and I had to travel outside the city to find a yoga clothing store that carried them. Although I was able to find a basic set of rudraksha mala beads, I was incredibly sad at how difficult it was to find mindful touch pieces. The seed that would grow into Aum Shanti Malas was planted.

I decided to do some research and start my own little business to make sure anyone who wanted a mala could get one quickly and easily. I soon realized I would need some help, and asked my Mom to be my business partner. Without her, Aum Shanti Malas wouldn't exist.

One big thing that sets us apart from most, if not all, other mala beads is that we only create 100% vegan pieces. This means we do not use silk, coral, pearls, shells, or any other type of animal product in the making of our malas. While this means our tassels may not be as buttery soft as others, we stand firmly behind our decision to be animal friendly.

Whatever journey you may be on, we hope to provide touch pieces to help guide and centre you along the way.


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